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Santiago [userpic]

My Strategic Plans Ruined!!

July 4th, 2011 (06:29 pm)

current location: Living Cavern
current mood: hungry

I had a plan, where I would make everyone else log and post everything. Sadly last night this strategy failed when apparently I was the only one who was present for the whole scene from beginning to end.

*shakes angry fist at everyone* ;)

Without further ado, let me present: The Pity Dinner PartyCollapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Scars Beneath The Skin

September 27th, 2010 (09:59 am)

I know there's a ton of logs that I haven't edited or posted. Most can be found scattered across everyone else's pages though. I hope.

Anyway, this is a little rambling inner monologue following Rh'iad's blow up in Keroon. It was supposed to be a vignette originally, so it probably sucks. ._.

Scars Beneath The SkinCollapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Egg Touching 2

April 28th, 2009 (02:03 pm)
current location: The Sands

The Candidates have a go at the eggs for a second time.

You can fondle these eggsCollapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Cattle Rustling

April 23rd, 2009 (08:04 pm)
current location: Forest

S'tao drags the candidates into the forest to go hunt for the missing herds.

Cooommmmeee hoooommmeee herdd beAAAaaassssst.Collapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Late Night Vigils

April 19th, 2009 (10:22 am)
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current location: Galleries

S'tao makes a last late night check around the Weyr and comes across Gwynne in the galleries.

never had a problem being an invasive pushy bastardCollapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Revelations in Sludge

April 17th, 2009 (06:06 pm)
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current location: Weyrsecond's Office

PBEM with Tia

If it takes that long to clean up, then we're doing something wrong.Collapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Plots Within Plots

April 14th, 2009 (01:32 am)

current location: Records Room
current mood: thoughtful

To ensure Ildenin's safety, Lord Sterling brings him to Ista Weyr to ask them to keep him in hiding.

Renegades in Nerat?Collapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Rolls and Lessons

April 12th, 2009 (08:27 pm)
current location: Living Cavern

A current log! Honest! I'm all caught up!

S'tao invades the living caverns to make the candidates twitchy.

Excitable things, this batch.Collapse )

Santiago [userpic]

Caught up!

April 12th, 2009 (12:56 pm)

I tried to edit all the logs I had accumulated but then I realize what a spammy mess that would be. Instead here are links to all the scenes I've been in and forgot to post about since someone else did them. ;) All the rest I posted in order I think.

12/03/08 Learning to Lick: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/24431.html#cutid1
12/08/08 Dice Rolling: http://qiluin.livejournal.com/53463.html#cutid1
12/08/08 Beachside Retreat: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/24734.html#cutid1
12/10/08 Knife's Edge: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/25029.html#cutid1
12/11/08 After Knife's Edge (locked): http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/25277.html#cutid1
12/12/08 I Feel The Earth Move: http://qiluin.livejournal.com/54025.html#cutid1
12/18/08 Eggs to Watch: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/25509.html#cutid1
12/30/08 Drunken Redhead (locked): http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/25755.html#cutid1
01/05/09 Sudden Onset Proddiness (locked): http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/26064.html#cutid1
01/16/09 After the Impressions (locked): http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/26337.html#cutid1
02/22/09 Comeback: http://qiluin.livejournal.com/55852.html#cutid1
02/25/09 Stresses of a WL: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/26700.html#cutid1
03/23/09 Harvest Party: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/27165.html#cutid1
03/24/09 After the Quake: http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/27594.html#cutid1
03/28/09 Inconveniences: http://klcomeau.livejournal.com/47340.html#cutid1
03/30/09 Targets (locked): http://jadedpuck.livejournal.com/27819.html#cutid1
04/08/09 Windjammer Searches!: http://qiluin.livejournal.com/63066.html#cutid1
04/09/09 The Clutching: http://dfsoteria.livejournal.com/3261.html#cutid1

Santiago [userpic]

Bearing News

April 12th, 2009 (12:53 pm)
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current location: Records Room

April 4, 2009

News and gossip between some of Ista's leaders.

I was thinking that maybe if I wear a dress someone will actually hit on me.Collapse )

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